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Session 6: The Magic of Improvisation — Free Your Note & Be in the Moment

Improvisation is the courage to move from one note to the next.
— Bobby McFerrin

Neuroscience has found that improvising music in the moment — without trying to read musical notation — brings many neurological benefits.

A study by Charles Limb, MD showed that improvisation deactivates the areas in the brain involved in self-judgment, criticism, and self-monitoring.

Meanwhile, the medial prefrontal cortex activates the parts of the brain involved in meditation, telling your personal story, and experiencing the moment.

You’ll discover how improvisation helps build your creativity. You’ll explore the many ways it’s a daring practice of self-expression — a tool that changes your brain from the default network to the presence or mindfulness network.

Everyone can be inspired by prompts and partners. playing solo or in duets and ensembles. It’s a powerful way to create poetry as you learn simple structures of beauty that sculpt your songwriting freedom.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to play a flute haiku, inspired by Japanese poetry
  • Discover the universal keys to improvisation from one quality note to simple repetition
  • Discover compelling research on the brain benefits of improvisation and playing from your heart
  • Learn how to use play-along tracks and apps for creative prompts and expression
  • Experience tools for online jamming with others

Session 7: Courting the Beloved — A Heartsong Practice

The flute of the Infinite is played without ceasing, and its sound is love.
— Kabir

Beginning with its origins as a “courting flute” in the Native American tradition, the flute plays the heart of love and longing.

You’ll move through the flute’s connection to love throughout many different traditions and times. You’ll discover how, in Hindu tradition, there’s a shabda, a sonic current of love that encircles the universe forever.

In the Zen temples of Japan, shakuhachi flute players wore barrels over their heads to avoid the ego of being performers, and to allow their playing to be an offering to Buddha.

What music did Krisha play that drew the gopis to follow? What song did Kokopelli play that brought rain to the thirsty earth? What response do you hear when you play your flute as a question to the Divine?

This session will feature Guillermo Martinez demonstrating his heartsong practice — and sharing tools of playing the voice of creation using drum, rattle, and flute.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Experience a flute meditation as you listen to the sacred flute played by Sri Chimnoy, a master guru in the Hindu tradition, and by Nawang Khechog, a celebrated Tibetan flute player and composer
  • Discover 3 parameters for finding your own heartsong — and expressing it on the flute
  • Be inspired by Guillermo’s teachings on reaching inward to create outward music
  • Explore sound and silence in the practice of connecting with the divine current of sound

The Flute as Sound Medicine Bonus Collection

In addition to Christine’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Healing Flute Play-Along Compilation
Audio Compilation From Various Artists, Exclusively Curated by Christine Stevens

Enjoy over an hour of play-along tracks to inspire your own improvisational flute playing. From pulsing rhythms to nature soundscapes to ethnic beats, these tracks can be used solo or in flute duets and dialogues. Features award-winning UK composer James Asher and drum circle master Arthur Hull.

The Zen of Flute
3 Play-Along Nature Videos From Christine Stevens and Haruki Niyekawa

Filmed in a Japanese forest, these videos demonstrate the Sparrow Hawk High Spirits cedar flute key of A. Join Christine and her colleague Haruki Niyekawa, the founder of Inner Silence Retreat, near a rice-field pond with the sounds of frogs and birds as your orchestra. These videos feature the oral tradition of call and response, or question and answer. Christine plays and leaves space for you to copy or improvise your own song. A great prompt to listen to, or to watch and travel into the zen of the Japanese landscape with the melodies and pulse of healing sound.

You’ll receive:

  • Call and Response With Drum Playing 4/4 Beat
  • Call and Response With Drum Playing 6/8 Beat
  • Birdsong Call and Response

$20 Off Discount on a High Spirits Flute

As a participant in this course, you’re eligible to receive $20 off your purchase of a Sparrow Hawk — key of A minor, one of the most popular High Spirits flutes. It’s easy to play and ideal for first-time flute players or those with smaller hands. Made from aromatic cedar, it’s sealed with nontoxic oils that give it a warm, resonant, and full voice.

This is a 6-hole flute, and you cover the third hole from the top (known as the sixth hole) with a leather tie, giving you the option to use it as a 6-hole or a 5-hole flute.

Note: It’s highly recommended that you have a flute to receive the most from this transformational course. Suggestions for how to craft an inexpensive flute on your own, or what kind of flute to purchase, as well as instructions, will be provided.

Flute Handbook
10-Page PDF Handbook From Christine Stevens

Filled with inspiring quotes, deepening practices, and recommended listening suggestions, as well as apps to use for creative prompts, this handbook is an organized and artistic reference guide for your sound journey with the flute. From fingering charts to essential scales, this handbook empowers you to paint your canvas of sound through Christine’s experience using the flute for sound healing and inspiring people worldwide to create and play their own songs.

Instant Access Available
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